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Jankel is a world-leader in advanced protection systems for vehicles and occupants. Our vehicles and systems are deployed in military, humanitarian and security operationsaround the world, where terrain, climate, environment and operational effectiveness are critical to the success of a mission.
Our expertise is harnessed by forward-thinking governments and organisations who are responding to ever-changing threats and environments. They work with us to create intelligent engineering solutions that improve effectiveness, protect people reliably and ensure the long and active life of a working fleet.
As armouring, ballistic and survivability experts, we are constantly testing new materials, designs and processes to help improve the safety and protection of troops, forces and peacekeepers worldwide.

NFM, founded in 1996, designs and produces protective equipment that enables the user to deploy his full capacity during combat, while staying protected. Our systems and products, based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, are designed with the user in the center and by continuously implementing a holistic and innovative approach to protection. Today, NFM has contracts with over 50 military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Birchwood Casey is home of various target systems and shooting gear and is dedicated to high quality and innovative products. Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of steel targets and revolutionary SHOOT N C reactive targets with outstanding shooter feedback.

Parallax Sniper Academy makes an innovative and revolutionary target system that is build on a self-sealing principle. The targets exclude all risk of ricochet, are lightweight and easy to attach. The G.O.A.S.T. target system delivers the desired feedback for the sniper when hitting a target. The target is then reset with a special developed spray paint.

Infrared-ID is world leading in unpowered passive thermal targets and has a wide range of targets that are suitable for urban warfare, long range sniping and infantry training. InfraredID also provides vehicle targets for mobility scenarios and mounted operations

  • Infrared-ID targets can be supplied with or without adhesive backing.
  • Infrared-ID targets meet the requirements for target solutions for the soldier of the modern battlefield.
  • Infrared-ID targets work well for both 3-5 (MWIR) and 8-12 (LWIR) micron devices and for NVG sights. 

The passive thermal targets can be customized for customer requirements. Infrered-ID targets include ThermaReal (photorealistic targets) and ThermaIN for indoor use.  

Infrared-ID also provides combat ID patches and thermal patches.

Splatterburst Targets offers two main versions of targets – adhesive and non adhesive reactive targets.

Instantly see your shots burst bright fluorescent yellow upon impact, spend more time shooting and less time checking your target. The bright yellow bullet holes are visible in all light conditions.
Our high visibility splatter targets make it easy to see your shots at a distance, no more wasting time walking downrange to see your shots. The ultimate target for all firearms and calibers. Perfect for shooting indoors or outdoors, short range or long range.

Our non-adhesive targets are made with heavy duty stock and our adhesive “Stick & Splatter” targets have a high strength adhesive that sticks to almost anything at any temperature. Both withstand shot after shot!

Shoot-N-Glow makes reactive thermal targets that are easy to put up and gives the shooter the necessary feedback on impact. Shoot-N-Glow targets comes in various shapes and forms and can be used day and night in conjunction with thermal optics (MWIR).

The Shoot-N-Glow target are durable and will last for a long time and take a lot of high velocity beating.

Challenge Targets products are currently utilized by over 200 local and federal law enforcement agencies for firearms training and qualifications. Challenge Targets law enforcement targets are modular so they can be added, relocated, and expanded on your range as funds become available. Challenge Targets durable, simplistic designs will provide years of maintenance free use.

  • Our patented moving targets provide unique training for hostage simulation, active shooter scenarios and decision making drills.
  • Our Multifunctional Targets combine steel with paper to produce realistic failure to stop drills.
  • Our steel silhouette targets are commonly used for basic and advanced handgun training, move and shoot drills, and low light training.
  • Our patented self resetting targets are ideal for sniper and patrol rifle training.

At RHS, we believe that technology will ultimately make healthcare accessible to everyone around the world. Our mission is to make that belief a reality through our people and telehealth products. We do this by enabling and expanding telemedicine global access to life-saving, remote medical care. And in the process, we believe we make the world a little bit better of a place.
RHS is a supplier of the BATDOK ™ (Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit) Android-based software application. Cloud based Virtual Exam room and a Virtual exam room integrated solution. Combining the tree results in a leading medical solution for Special operations.

VER-TAC solves the challenge of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of injured soldiers in austere field environments where there is no expert medical personnel present. It allows for direct, real-time, two-way doctor/clinician/patient interaction at a very low bandwidth, supporting its use in DIL environments anywhere on the globe. It provides a complete telemedicine and examination solution including wireless sensors and monitoring devices in a lightweight and ruggedized form factor. VER-TAC is designed to overcome the challenges of complex, shifting emergency situations that unfold in unpredictable field conditions. Non-medical personnel can use VER-TAC and its intuitive easy-to-use, step-by step guide to remotely examine, diagnose and monitor at-risk patients, even while in transit, from point of injury to MedEvac to higher echelon to hospital with the same clinical accuracy of an in-hospital exam. VER answers existing and emerging requirements for triage, multi-patient monitoring, prolonged field care, remote primary care, telesurgery, telestroke, remote patient monitoring, teleconsultation, and secure data transfer. Capable across many comms environments, including cellular, satellite, and tactical radio networks and can transfer live video, voice and data on bandwidth down to 160 Kbs. VER-TAC is available now.

TacomHQ gives extra range to the warriors. By reflecting light by a periscope or bending ligth through a prism TacomHQ has makes clip on devices that will increase the shooters effective range and lethality significant.

TacomHQ has a state-of-the-art light weight periscope that easily can be set to any calibration – fx your scopes max and make a new zero from there doubling the shooters elevation.

For the assaulter a simple clip on flip up prism does the same job for assault weapons.

German Precision Optics (GPO) was founded and is run by optical industry senior executives who have experienced how big brands increase profitability to support their massive production infrastructures. This corporate profitability structure normally results in increased consumer pricing or decreased product feature quality. We at GPO have a unique corporate structure that allows us to build higher-quality products with better features at similar prices or similar-quality products at better prices. All our design, engineering, and quality management is done internally in Germany. Our small, dynamic team is supported on a global scale by some of the best optical and mechanical engineers, designers, developers and marketing plus electronic specialists available

RRS – Really Right Stuff. The brand is self-explanatory! RRS makes the most versatile and rugged tripods on the marked. The S.O.A.R series is perfectly fitted for rugged military use and for precision shooting. The tripods feature various mounts and ball heads that can make stable platform out of any given terrain. RRS tripods is multi adjustable and varies in length and weight from model to model.

True North Raven. The Raven Wrap is a Precision/DMR tripod augmentation device that will turn your tripod into an entire work station. It can be run stripped down for backcountry/greenside work, or can be fully assembled with the entire kit, building a platform for long term sustainability behind the tripod.

Compatible with RRS TFCT-24L + TFCT-34L

Thunderbeast is market leading in designing suppressors for precision and long range shooting. The suppressors are optimized for accuracy, low weight and durability while maintaining best-in-class sound suppression.

Elevated Silence: while the suppressor industry has been evolving, a truly unique and revolutionary product hasn’t been produced, until now. Combining the minds of Elevated Silence, the first truly cross platform suppressor has been developed.

The Evolution™ is the culmination of hundreds of hours of R&D, sound testing, accuracy testing, Point of Impact shift, and core optimization.

One of the keys to the success of this system is the specifically designed muzzle brakes/mounts. Three separate muzzle brakes are supplied to tailor fit the performance of the Evolution to the host weapon. These will provide the maximum amount of suppression per a given platform: 5.56/.224, .264/6.5 or 30 cal.

Utilizing multi chamber technology, the Evolution™ effectively redirects gas away from the bullet as it travels through the length of the suppressor. This in turn yields the absolute minimal effects on bullet trajectory and stability. Which in turn yields a consistently accurate suppressor over a myriad of calibers and weapons systems.

MDT was born out of one single purpose: to provide better value and better accuracy for precision rifles. MDT is a go-to company when searching for the best rifle accessories on the market. MDT makes products that will improve the accuracy of the shooter and increase the effectiveness of the system. MDT has great chassis systems, buttstocks and state of the art bipods that are among the best out there. The CKYE bipod is available in both Picatinny and MLOK design and in various lengths.

APA are known for solving big recoil problems, not small ones. For years competitive shooters have asked APA to develop a brake for the off-hand, run-and-gun, “Gas Gun” competitor. APA found this little recoil problem was a little more dynamic than anticipated. APA wanted to give these shooters the APA Bastard ports but that wasn’t enough. The competitive shooter needs something really lightweight, but even more, tunable so APA developed and engineered The Answer Self Timing Muzzle Brake.

APA took that same tunable technology and brought it to New Gen 3 Little Bastard along with a new nut design and an additional port.

Seekins Precision has an outstanding viarity of accesories in high quality for different purposes. They cover different foregrips, rail systems in Picatinny and M-LOK and innovative brakes. Check out Seekins Precision for full range of accesories.

At International Barrels not only do we enjoy making fine barrels but we enjoy shooting them too! Our mission is to make the best shooting barrels possible, and get them into your hands in a reasonable and timely manner.

TriggerTech. Your trigger is your firearm’s operating system and its purpose is to ensure you are safe and successful. We believe the trigger is the most important component in any firearm and that you should love and trust your trigger. For the last 5 years, we have obsessed over triggers and have left no detail untouched. TriggerTech offers the only triggers to operate without sliding friction. The departure from sliding friction enable us to engineer the ideal release characteristics into all of our triggers.

Pristine Technologies. Designed and manufactured for superior repeatability and compatibility, your search ends with a Pristine Action. True R700 drop-in with a 6 lug floating bolt head!