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NorseStorm Targets

Explore our collection of NorseStorm targets and experience the innovation these bring to the area of training efficiency and effectiveness for top tier shooters.

All targets were designed with specific purposes in mind, from refining your wind call precision with the Piano Wind Target to enhancing your accuracy and speed in real life combat with the Humanoid Target. Join us in shaping the next generation of training tools and take your shooting skills to the next level with our NorseStorm targets.

Sniper Rifles​

Elevate your precision game with our carefully selected range of sniper rifles. Through partnerships with Seekins Precision and Armalite, we bring you a collection of sniper rifles designed for unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This selection ensures you to have the tools you need to excel in long-range engagements and critical missions. Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship and performance with sniper rifles produced by Seekins Precision and Armalite respectively.

Assault Rifles

Dominate the battlefield with our elite assortment of assault rifles, carefully crafted for optimal performance and reliability. Our primary partners, Seekins Precision and Armalite, bring decades of expertise to the forefront, delivering firearms renowned for their durability and precision engineering. Whether engaging in close-quarters combat or tactical maneuvers, our arsenal of assault rifles guarantees unmatched firepower and operational superiority.

Vehicle Systems

With our partners Jankel and EasyDrift we can provide the tactical military vehicles and equipment that you need. Our selected range offers everything from armored vehicles to civilian commercially looking vehicles, which are designed both for tactical advantages, operational practicality and to meet the requirements of providing the most techincally-advanced vehicles on the market that embraces required military standards.

Warrior Systems

Browse our extensive range of equipment that enables the user to deploy his full capacity during combat, while staying protected.

The sortiment offers quality through Scandinavian craftmanship in everything from combat clothing to body armor and helmet systems from NFM. Furthermore, it includes a variety of tactical gear and holsters from Blackhawk and american-made gear from Eagle Industries.


Whether you need to blend into a forest, a desert, or an urban environment our partners Phantomleaf and GHOSTHOOD has got you covered by offering cutting-edge camouflage solutions for military and law enforcement.

Phantomleaf’s modular systems feature an auto-adaptive design that provides exceptional performance, while GHOSTHOOD’s lightweight IRR-camouflage systems are multifunctional and effective. Choose the right system for your needs and stay hidden when it matters most.

Ballistic Protection

Ballistic Protection for immediate delivery!

Norsestorm can offer the following ballistic products:

- Ballistic plates, stand-alone NIJ Level 4 (in stock)

- Ballistic tactical helmets NIJ Level 3A (short term delivery)

- Vests with Molle, incl NIJ Level 4 stand-alone plates and NIJ Level 3A soft armor (in stock)

For further details and to get a quote, please contact us.

Target Systems

Browse through our broad selection of targets and target systems. The wide variety of targets will see to that every situation is taken care of. Our partners from Birchwood Casey, Splatter-Burst Targets, Parallax, Shoot-N-Glow, and infaredID will cover and provide everything from thermal and subsonic to passive and active targets.

Range Systems

If you require more than punching paper at the end of a range, browse through our sortiment of range training systems that are designed specifically to prepare for the every challenge.

Both durable and low-cost products are designed, produced and provided by our partner Challenge Targets.


Browse through our selection of optics. We offer some of the most popular optics, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend. All of them are designed and manufactured by our partner tacomHQ.


We believe in quality and long-term durability solutions when it comes to tripods. And delivering on those terms we proudly present our selection of partners from Really Right Stuff and True North Raven.


When in need of high precision and stealth at the same time, we have got you covered. In our trusted partners, we believe we have picked out some of the most unique and innovative companies in the market of suppressors. Browse through the market leading products from Thunderbeast and Elevated Silence.


We offer a great range of ammunition provided by our partner Hornady, the world-leading innovator of bullets and ammunition.


Browse through our specific selection of e-vehicles/e-bikes that meet required military standards. Whatever need you have for your new e-vehicle, our partners Czem and Quietkat will surely meet your requirements with the highest of standards.


In need of more precision, better equipment and gear, and other accessories to perfect your performance, we have got you covered. Browse through our broad selection provided by our partners APA, MDT, Seekins Precision, Surgeon, Accu-shot and Armageddon Gear.


When you seek optimized and customized products and experiences with the best of military standards, look no further. With our selection of partners, you can expect the best of the best whether provided by Seekins Precision, Surgeon or Armalite.

Inflatable Decoys

In need of decoys for your training? Take a look at the offerings provided by our partners including Tactical Training Walls that let you configure training spaces anywhere, any time.