i2k Defence

i2k Defense specializes in the custom design, development and manufacture of U.S.-made inflatable decoys, targets and product replicas for the military, such as tanks and jets, pneumatic inflatable shelters and tents, including hangars, field offices and barracks and inflatable replicas of buildings, houses, dwellings and complete cities—all 97% realistic from the air.

Their in-house designers, engineers and machine operators work out of their 30,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility, overseeing production from initial concept design to final completion. Their capabilities and experience allow them to design, pattern, texture, cut and sew realistic, full-sized, custom inflatables, often within a matter of weeks.

i2K’s inflatable tactical training walls set up fast with minimal manpower, store away quickly, and are made tough to withstand use in any weather or terrain.i2K’s inflatable tactical training walls also present a truly cost-effective solution over traditional walls. No expensive carpentry labor costs are needed. These inflatable walls also don’t require nearly as much replacement or repair.

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