Warrior Systems

NFM, founded in 1996, designs and produces protective equipment that enables the user to deploy his full capacity during combat, while staying protected. Our systems and products, based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, are designed with the user in the center and by continuously implementing a holistic and innovative approach to protection. Today, NFM has contracts with over 50 military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Eagle Industries was born from the uncompromising demands of the Navy SEAL community, and those standards are still what drive everything we do to this day. All of our gear is Berry Compliant and proudly made in the USA to ensure end users to have exactly what they need to go above and beyond every day.

Blackhawk, founded by a Navy SEAL, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of tactical, military, shooting sports and law enforcement equipment headquartered in Virginia Beach. Their holsters and tactical gear are used by elite operators and concealed carriers around the world.