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Featured products from Jankel

Here we have selected some of the most popular vehicle systems, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner Jankel.

Jankel offers the most advanced Civilian Armoured Vehicles on the market; they benefit from the very latest in armour technology, tactical and electrical fit-outs unmatched in the industry, and interior finishes that cater to our customers’ exact needs.

Jankel has over 20 years’ experience and over 1000 vehicles in-service around the world supporting missions requiring discretion, protection, mobility and quality.

One of Jankel’s key additions to the Civilian Armoured Vehicles (CAV) market is the only fully Hot-Formed Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The advanced methods of protection used in this vehicle make the Jankel Toyota LC 200 a class-leading and cost-effective solution, increasingly being chosen by discerning military, security, NGO and government organisations across the world.

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Jankel’s tactical military vehicles have been developed to ensure they not only meet the individual tactical needs of the user but also provide a commonality and modularity to operate as a fleet solution. All our tactical vehicle solutions combine the strengths and reliabilities of trusted OEM base platform partners with innovative enhancements tailored to the operational needs of the global military community.

The FOX Fleet: From long-range patrol to rapid reaction; border control to surveillance, light tactical fleets offer affordable practicality, protection and mobility.

Combining the most robust, adaptable and reliable chassis with Jankel’s automotive engineering expertise, the FOX fleet is highly adaptive and agile – ideal for transporting, supporting and protecting people whenever and wherever needed.

The reputation and reliability of Toyota, bolstered by Jankel’s standards of safety, performance and quality, brings a fleet of light tactical vehicles that is perfectly adapted to the life it faces.


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Battle proven military seating.

We design, test and build a wide range of seating solutions to delivery into military vehicle platforms, both new and legacy, all around the world. With over 100,000 of our seats in service, you can rest assured that our products will protect you for a lifetime of use.

Our team brings a wide range of experience to seat design, including supercar design and commercial aircraft seat ergonomics, allowing us to work with customers who have key challenges including weight, climate, space and comfort.

Our blast attenuating seats – BLASTech, were first developed following an in-depth search for a seat on the market that could mitigate the effects of a blast and meet our exacting standards. When we were unable to find one, we chose to design our own rather than settle for second best. This technology, now market-leading, has been independently trialled and tested extensively under mandate by the UK, US and Australian governments, as well as by multiple global OEMs, experts and accredited test facilities. Key survivability features include a unique automatic weight adjustment system and a reset mechanism to protect the occupant against the secondary (slam down) event.


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Featured products from EASYDRIFT

Here we have selected some of the most popular vehicle systems, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner EASYDRIFT.

The EASYDRIFT Driver Training System (DTS) is a completely new and revoltionary product that was primarily designed to save lives, by teaching people the physics of driving.

The patented EASYDRIFT Driver Training System is composed of a specific designed ring that slides over the tire. The EASYDRIF system, because of its reduced grip properties, offers multiple possibilities in driver training by replicating any real life driving situations at lower speed and with the added benefit that driving exercises can be performed on even small driving pads. Installation, using our tire vacuum tool, takes 5 minutes when mounted on a dedicated set of tiresand rims. Once fitted, the wheel behaves like a summer tire on snow. The system can be mounted on any type of cars: FWD, RWD, AWD The EASYDRIFT DTS doesn’t damage the driving surface and won’t leave any marks on the ground. It is a very quiet system on a good asphalt. The EASYDRIFT DTS can be sued from 20 kph to speeds over 200 kph.

How to install EASYDRIFT DTS wheel covers: WATCH VIDEO

Instruction and testimonials: WATCH VIDEO

Tire compatibility charts:
Tire chart – 180×560
Tire chart – 200×600
Tire chart – 230×660

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