Featured tripods from RRS

Here we have selected some of the most popular tripods, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner RRS.

All features, materials, fit and finish in a SOAR series tripod meet and exceed the best in the world. We painstakingly machine most components and assemble each tripod by hand. What we don’t produce ourselves is made in the United States down to the smallest screw. SOAR Series 3 Tripods are the perfect choice for all full-sized gear combos. They’re built for rock solid support of large caliber precision rifles, but their incredibly light weight also makes them easy to carry and use with all gear.

Series 3 Tripods represent the pinnacle of tripod design and performance. Weighing in at only 4.4 pounds yet capable of supporting 50 pounds, a TFCT-34 Mk2 Series 3 Tripod combines the RRS ideal of soul-satisfying feel and finish with best-in-class strength and resilience.

A FTCT-34 tripod loads up to 85 lbs and reaches for 155 cm fully extended while weighing only 2,17kg!
Here shown with Anvil 30 ballhead.

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The TFCT-24L Mk2 SOAR® Series 2 Tripod is our extra-tall Series 2 Tripod. Series 2 Tripods are smaller and lighter than our Series 3 pods, and perfectly complement our Anvil-30 ball head. They offer the benefits of both a compact traveler and a solid support-style tripod, all in one. Series 2 Tripods are the perfect choice for mid-sized gear combos. Given its high load capacity, a Versa Series 2 Tripod is also a great solution for shooters who need maximum support but want to keep their tripod as portable as possible. Our unique accessories further expand the utility of these tripods. No other tripod in the world offers this versatility.

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A RRS ball head is the best choice for all general photography, and will give you fast and accurate control and solid support of your camera or lens. Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control. As a result, our ball heads are faster to use and inherently more stable than 3-axis pan-tilt tripod heads. Since the ball head profile is smaller and lacks the protruding handles, they are also much easier to carry and pack. These are no-nonsense heads with robust capacity, offering minimal weight and elegant simplicity. They excel as ground-level macro tools, but also as super light heads for backpacking, travel, and table top use. Comes packed in its own padded Cordura protective draw-string pouch. Use the pouch to cover and protect the ball head when mounted to the tripod, for carrying the ball head in your carry-on luggage when traveling, or when the ball head and tripod are strapped to a photo backpack.

The BH-30LR has a load capacity of 6,8 kg and weighs only 318g!

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Featured tripods from True North Raven

Here we have selected some of the most popular tripods, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner True North Raven.

The Raven Wrap is a Precision/DMR tripod augmentation device that will turn your tripod into an entire work station. It can be run stripped down for backcountry/greenside work, or can be fully assembled with the entire kit, building a platform for long term sustainability behind the tripod.

Stripped down, the Raven Wrap adds minimal weight and negligible mass to shooter’s tripod while giving him or her the ability to run single strap MOLLE pouches, accessory straps for shooting supports or vegetation, and house at least (24) 14” zip ties on the tripod for use in vegging up or aid in hide construction. The accessory straps are stored on the inboard side of the leg sleeves and remain completely out of the way until needed. The laser-cut MOLLE slots on the leg sleeves can also act as jute tying points as well.

Compatible with RRS TFCT-24L + TFCT-34L

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