Target Systems

Birchwood Casey is home of various target systems and shooting gear and is dedicated to high quality and innovative products. Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of steel targets and revolutionary SHOOT N C reactive targets with outstanding shooter feedback.

Splatterburst provides quality shooting targets with their two main versions of targets – adhesive and non-adhesive reactive targets, which come at an affordable price. With their patented products made in the USA, these targets will make practice in all light conditions possible, and even easier to see long distance – because you instantly see bright bursts of fluorescent yellow.

Parallax Sniper Academy makes an innovative and revolutionary target system, which is build on a self-sealing principle. The targets exclude all risk of ricochet, are lightweight, and easy to attach. The G.O.A.S.T. target system delivers the desired feedback for the sniper when hitting a target. The target is then reset with a special developed spray paint.

Infrared-ID is world leading in unpowered passive thermal targets and has a wide range of targets that are suitable for urban warfare, long range sniping, and infantry training. Infrared-ID also provides vehicle targets for mobility scenarios and mounted operations.

Shoot-N-Glow makes reactive thermal targets that are easy to put up and gives the shooter the necessary feedback on impact. Shoot-N-Glow targets comes in various shapes and forms and can be used day and night in conjunction with thermal optics (MWIR).