Sniper Rifles

Featured sniper rifles from Seekins Precision

Here we have selected some of the most popular sniper rifles, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner Seekins Precision.

The SP10 has been specifically designed and tested for US Special Operations warriors. The SP10 not only meets but exceeds their high standards of accuracy, reliability, and durability. The SP10’s proprietary design of the upper receiver and handguard provides a rigid, no-flex platform for repeatable, extreme accuracy under any condition. The SP10 lower receiver offers full ambidextrous controls allowing effective, efficient manipulation of the weapon from either side. The SP10 is the perfect large-frame AR platform for duty use.

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Seekins Precision is proud to introduce the new line of SP15 rifles. This line was specifically designed for the rough wear and tear lifestyle of law enforcement customer. The DMR configuration is one of tree versatile configurations to choose from.

The SP 15 DMR is a reliable and accurate easy to use16” 7 lb 5,56 mm rifle that will give precision to the designated marksman.

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The HAVAK Bravo is Seekins’ go-to, run-it-hard, do-it-all rifle.
HAVAK Bravo users are elite SWAT and law enforcement professionals and military snipers. The Havak bravo is a 24” precision beast that comes in various calibers including 6,5 Creedmoor and .308. The Havak Bravo is extremely accurate and reliable. A rifle that will exceed your expectations.

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