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Here we have selected some of the most popular range systems, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner Challenge Targets.

Challenge Targets uses 3 different mounting systems for their targets:

All mounting systems are simple and allow for installation in seconds. It breakes down into 3 main components for easy handling.

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All the classic IPSC metric targets (Full size, A-C zone, 66% and TDI targets).
All targets are AR500 3/8th rifle rated.
Industrial grade compression springs produce maximum reverberation and visual feedback.

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The life-like human silhouette shape provides a realistic experience for tactical pistol and rifle training. The width of the target measures 18″ across the shoulders which is suitable for range estimating with most tactical scope reticles. Each successful hit produces a loud ring and visual reaction. Industrial grade compression springs produce maximum reverberation and visual feedback. Human silhouette plate measures 32″ tall x 18″ wide x 3/8″ thick and is reversible for extended life. Rifle rated.

Full Size Human SilhouetteHuman SilhouetteReactive Hostage

Our IPSC “A” Zone Flapper Target is built to take a beating and keep coming back for more. All hinge brackets are laser cut from abrasive resistant, through hardened, AR500 steel. Designed without welds, all plates and components are reversible to maximize their useful life. The outer plate size matches an official IPSC or USPSA target with the “D” zone removed. Shoot through the 4″x7″ opening and you’ll hear a distinctive ring as the paddle bounces back for positive hit detection. Ideal for handgun, rifle and shotgun training and competition. Rifle rated!

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Our PATENT PENDING Harmonic Tactical (HTAC) Target is the ultimate defensive handgun training target. By combining the durability of a steel target, with the precision scoring of a paper target, this revolutionary design is ideal for advanced pistol training. Shots outside the head and chest cavities produce dull, low frequency sound while shots to the cranial cavity (brain) or thoracic cavity (heart & lungs) produce a loud, high frequency sound.

The overall size of the front plate measures 12″ wide by 28″ tall. The outer plate is laser cut from 3/8″ thick AR500 steel and is ridged mounted to our 2×4 post sleeve. The inner plate is laser cut from 1/4″ thick AR500 steel and includes integrated tuning forks that are concealed behind the front plate. The inner, Harmonic Plate, is mounted using industrial grade die springs.

Tactical Harmonic TargetIPSC Target Harmonic (A) Zone

We built this Plate Rack from the ground up to handle heavy workloads in the extreme conditions required by professional shooters, commercial ranges and competition matches. We believe we’ve designed the most versatile, lowest maintenance, and most reliable Plate Rack Target on the market!

Want to mix things up? Rotate the paddles 90 degrees, move to the right end of the Plate Rack and engage the targets in a straight line! Dropping the first plate reveals the second; dropping the second target exposes the third, etc.

Challenge targets has plate racks, dueling trees, Texas stars and lots of others LE targets.

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