Featured optics from tacomhq

Here we have selected some of the most popular optics, which we have had our own experiences with, and highly recommend.
– All of them designed and manufactured by our trusted partner tacomHQ.

One of the most innovating products of long range shooting in this decade. A giant leap in effective range.  

The Charlie TARAC optically adds elevation to any riflescope via mirrors. Adds up to 250 MILs! No need for zeroizing when applying the TARAC Charlie.  
The Charlie works with all scopes and can be paired with both thermal and night vision devices.  

The micro Charlie works with a factory set calibration set by the costumer for example the scopes max elevation. By doing this and applying the periscope the micro Charlie will give the scope a new zero at that distance and the sniper can set the turret at zero again and working out words from there.  
The Micro Charlie weights only 2,8 oz = 80 grams 

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A simple but effective clip on and flip up system that will instantly give a new long range zero and eliminating the need to hold over. The Alpha is cross compatible between multiple weapons and ammunition types. The Alpha will increase the hit probability significantly in the 300m to 600 m range where traditional range estimation and hold over is needed. By flipping up the Alpha at these ranges the shooter gets a new zero and can aim center.  

Works well with both thermal and night vision devices. Compatible for carbines, machineguns and heavy machine guns.

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